e-Jobs: MBA Adjunct – International

We are accepting MBA adjunct instructor applications. Those instructors selected will teach in a dual format, both online and face to face. We are currently teaching in Poland, Oman, Ukraine, Slovakia and Macedonia. Each course is eight weeks long (six weeks teaching on-line, two weeks teaching in the country). To be selected one must have, as a minimum, a Master’s degree, with D.B.A. or Ph.D preferred, in the field that they are going to teach. We prefer that they have taught at the university level and have had relevant business experience.

Qualified candidates should be fluent in English and hold a valid U.S. passport. Compensation includes a stipend for each course/section taught, round-trip ticket (U.S./Country only), food and lodging.

Source: www.higheredjobs.com

Here is a unique opportunity for those with the right combination of subject expertise and online teaching skills.  Six weeks online and 2 weeks on the ground – internationally. Want to teach online and travel? 


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