a still quiet place… A mindfulness program for teaching children and adolescents

With wisdom, kindness, and inspiring clarity, born from years of mindful living and teaching mindfulness, Amy Saltzman, M.D. guides us through the research proven practical steps of how to help young people learn the fundamentals of resilience, focus, and compassion. Science supported, clinically sound, and educationally brilliant, this book will provide essential tools for all who wish to learn from a master about how children and adolescents can discover their “still quiet place,” the source of their emotional and social intelligence and a lifelong center of inner peace.”

Source: www.stillquietplace.com

I taught elementary and middle school for nearly 25 years.  I found my way to a few of the places Amy Saltzman illuminates in this fine book.  I only wish I knew then, what I know now and that I’d had this kind of guidance as a young teacher.


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