Interviewing at the MLA Convention: How to Prepare and Strategies for Success

With approximately 28,000 members who live in the U.S., Canada, and nearly 100 other countries, the MLA is one of the world’s largest scholarly associations. It facilitates intellectual exchanges among its members, most of whom are college and university faculty members or graduate students. There are also more than a hundred secondary school teachers and many independent scholars in the association. 


I know many of you are working in higher education or seeking to do so. the upcoming conference in Vancouver, British Columbia (January 8-11-2015)  looks to be an exceptional networking and interviewing opportunity.  Those of you with online teaching skills arrive at the interview process with a 21st century understanding of education.  Still, getting to the interview stage requires persistence, connections, and yes… face to face interaction.  It’s a virtual work world most of the time, but person to person is where the action is (at least some of the time). 

Be sure to visit the career resources of the MLA.


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