Disrupt Your Grading Rut: Alternative Assessment Methods for the Online Classroom

Authentic, learner-centered, collaborative assessment alternatives
Alternative assessment methods such as writing assignments, collaborative assignments, case studies, and debates can avoid the problems often associated with tests and quizzes. “There are many ways to approach assessment. It depends on the context of the course. When we teach faculty how to teach online, we try to give them a taste of a majority of those methods. I don’t know that we can cover all of them in one course, but there are multiple ways to get at the issues and make this a real-life situation for the students so they can actually learn from the process,” Pratt says.
Palloff and Pratt recommend selecting assessment methods that are learner-centered and authentic.

Source: www.facultyfocus.com

Words of wisdom: Balance traditional, time saving automatic grading with learner centered assessment methods. 


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