Blended Learning Unit: Français 2: À La Maison by Ellen Onsrud

Bonjour!  Welcome to my French 2 unit,  À la maison.  This unit was created for my face-to-face French 2 class and adapted for the virtual classroom as part of my Assessment in E-Learning course through the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

As you read through this unit, you will find the demographic information for my current teaching position at Lake Mills High School, as well as the course content and description for my face-to-face class.  While the learning objectives remain the same, the delivery, as seen in the Unit Overview and the Learning Objectives, utilizes assessments that will be used in a virtual classroom


Here is a well designed, in-depth unit suitable for high school or college French classes.  It was designed by Ellen Onsrud, a talented online and face to face teacher who recently graduated from the UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching program. You’ll appreciate the detailed assessments provided in this unit! (Way to go Ellen!)


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