Florida Virtual School Research: Free Webinar 9/16/2014

Florida Virtual School, the nation’s largest state K-12 virtual school, engages in multiple instructional research partnerships each year.  In this presentation, members of the FLVS leadership team will discuss the process of designing organizational research goals and partnering with external researchers, in addition to sharing the challenges and best practices in managing research partnerships—from research methods/design to data collection and security.  Additionally, a summary of ongoing instructional research projects at FLVS will be offered.  This presentation will appeal to both providers and researchers as an opportunity to learn more about working together in the important process of research partnership.
Presenters: Teresa King Instructional Programs Manager Florida Virtual School   Dr. Jodi Marshall Executive Vice President, Business and School Solutions Florida Virtual School
*Note: On the day of the event, you will receive a link to the webinar via email. 

Source: www.eventbrite.com

A research sharing webinar on Virtual k-12.  Free.  9/16

Lots of potential for action research, networking, and gaining a deeper understanding of how virtual education works at the k-12 level. (Also good for a back to school brain buzz!)


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