eJob: Professor of Adult Teaching & Learning UW-Madison

Degree and area of specialization:
Earned Ph.D. in education or related field

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
– Evidence of the ability to develop an excellent research program in adult teaching & learning, and/or continuing education.
– Evidence of knowledge and demonstrated excellence in distance education.
– Applicants also should show evidence of demonstrated excellence in teaching adults.
Principal duties:
We seek a tenurable or tenure track faculty to provide leadership and contribute to the department’s expertise in adult teaching and learning, continuing education, and distance learning. This individual will enhance the department’s capacity to conduct research related to continuing education, including distance education. The faculty member will be expected to help develop a Center on Adult Teaching & Learning to provide research on key current and emerging issues in adult teaching and learning and continuing education.

Source: www.ohr.wisc.edu

Not an Online/Remote position . Here’s a tenure track position for someone with teaching skills, distance education expertise, and research ability.  Do you qualify?  

If you need to sharpen up your Distance Learning skills consider adding our E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate to your resume. 


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