Moodle Rubric Grading – Complete Guide – Super Moodle

The Moodle rubric, a system built for criteria-based assessment, explicitly describes the performance expectation for an assignment. The rubrics have several criteria and each criterion has several descriptive levels provided. A rubric identifies several attributes. They include descriptions, performance levels and the criteria.

Criteria take into account the performance aspects that an instructor intends to assess. The description attribute denotes the desired characteristics associated with a criterion. The performance level is a rating scale in rubric used to identify the level of mastery a student has within a given criteria. Each descriptive level has a numerical grade and an instructor can choose the level that answers a given criterion in the best way possible.


Moodle is a great LMS.  One the strengths of the platform is the rich set of resources available to online teachers. The Moodle Rubric system is a valuable assessment tool that will help your students understand the target… and hit it.


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