Hack your notebook: National Writing Project Digital Island

Posted by Jillian VanRiper

I started Hack Your Notebook day begrudgingly, wondering why we were allotting an entire day to decorating our notebooks when we had so much more work to do.  What was I really going to learn from this activity?  I looked at the piles of paper and beads and scissors and glue, and gave an inward sigh because it appeared as though we were going to spend time putting cool pictures on our notebook covers.  Which is fun…truly.  I love crafts; and spending time crafting seems like an indulgence when facing my multitude of career and family obligations.  Obligations, for instance, like the portfolio pieces for RCWP that were calling my name, wondering when I would be devoting time to them.  I’d been neglecting them more than I should.  

So when Dawn announced that we would be hacking our notebooks today, I entered the activity intending to finish quickly and move onto something that would be more productive for me, as a teacher of writing.

Source: digitalis.nwp.org

Looks like a brilliant beginning of the year writer’s workshop project.


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