E-Learning Certificate Program: Prepare for teaching in blended or virtual online classrooms or training in elearning settings.


This is the introductory course in the E-Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate, is an approved elective in the online Master of Science in Education degree program, and is open as an individual course to students seeking professional development.
EDUC 761 Creating Collaborative Communities in E-learning 3 graduate credits NOTE: This is the fourth in the series of five required courses.
EDUC 764 E-Learning Practicum 3 graduate credits
Prerequisite: Successful completion with a 3.0 gpa in EDUC 760, 761, 762, 763 and Consent of Instructor.

The university tuition is $415 per graduate credit ($1245 per course) for 2014. The tuition for this program is the same fee for in-state and non-Wisconsin residents. There is no registration fee to reserve a spot

Source: elearning-certificate.blogspot.com


  • Free e-textbooks are provided when you login to the courses. 
  • Free access to LYNDA.COM self-paced video tutorials to help develop software skills useful to any educator or trainer.  
  • Free access to Brainfuse eTutoring, an on-demand system, enhanced with live tutoring support in a number of subjects including writing, computers, and technology.

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