Curation as Digital Literacy Practice

Ibrar Bhatt writes: “Digital curation therefore is not just about finding relevant material, although that is a significant part of it, but is also about creating a specific and unique experience by utilising the resulting materials which then become contextualised within a new space. A curator, therefore, whether she is a journalist-by-proxy such as Popova or a student completing an assignment in a classroom, not only collects and interprets, but also creates a new experience with it. In this respect, curation is a process of problem solvingre-assembling,re-creating, and stewardship of other people’s writing.” 


I learned geography and history from collecting stamps and coins.  The same principal holds true when you collect information on the internet. Curation is not just bookmarking. It’s selecting, categorizing, synthesizing.  Digital literacy is a byproduct of the curation process.  Blend your curriculum with curation and see engagement soar. 


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