Upload & Publish Straight To Instagram From Your Mac or PC with Gramblr

Upload photos to Instagram from your computer!

Robin Good’s insight:

If you are looking for a way to publish your preferred photos that you have on your Mac or PC straight to Instagram, without having to first transfer or copy them to your iOS or Android smartphone, here is a free tool that does exactly this.

Gramblr is available for both Mac and PC and it allows you to upload any picture you have sitting on your hard disk to your Instagram account. You can add your comment and hashtags, but you cannot take advantage of the filters you normally available in Instagram.


Download for Mac: http://gramblr.com/gramblr.dmg

Download for PC: http://bitly.com/WbBEEg

More info: https://dl-web.dropbox.com/spa/782adzfe036gp2y/obwuqrvr.jpg

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Instagram is a poweful mobile technology, but if all your pictures are on your desktop hard drive you have a problem. This software promises to bridge the gap and get those photos online! 

See on gramblr.com


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