5 Ways Twitter Strengthens A School’s Learning Community | Connected Principals

By Joe Mazza


“This year, our K-6 staff began learning in a new virtual way using Twitter. After a couple staff in-service trainings and after school workshops, parents and teachers ventured into this new educational Twitterverse. As we enter the final week of school, I’d like to share it’s initial impact on teaching and learning from my principal’s lens.


“Our staff’s “learning by Twitter” has occurred in multiple formats this school year:

-From each other

-From classroom to classroom

-From our school parentsFrom their developing Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

-From local & national conferencesFrom our district hashtag (#nped)

-From weekly education chats like #ptchat, #5thchat, #edchat #ntchat & others


“Below are five examples of collaborative and transparent learning compliments of @KnappElementary staff and parents. Without the efforts of teachers AND parents “trying” social media at school, something very new to most of us, none of these benefits would be possible.”

See on connectedprincipals.com


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