How to Leverage Applicant Tracking Systems To Land a Job

The dawn of the digital resume means new tools to find the right hire. Here’s how to make applicant tracking systems work to your advantage.

Some tips to help candidates optimize submissions for a typical ATS include:

Tailoring your resume and job application to the specific job requirements referenced in the posting — emphasize your relevant experience and skills in the areas that are critical to that position, rather than submitting your standard resume.

Adding specific keywords into the application that are referenced in the job posting, so that applicant screening tools that index and crawl submissions for certain key terms and phrases will pick them up.

Adding additional instances of keywords from the job posting to your resume in white font. The additional instances of the keywords won’t be visible when recruiters read the resume, but they increase the likelihood that the resume will be tagged as a good fit by search tools.

Including your Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile to give recruiters a way to access more information about you.

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One thought on “How to Leverage Applicant Tracking Systems To Land a Job

  1. Joe

    The digital age brings other advantages to the unemployed. People are finding out they can get an employment grade background check on themselves. They can share it with employers showing they are qualified. Every little bit helps. Or make sure there isn’t details that will scare away future employers on their background check. People would be surprised how many times bad information holds them back from getting a job. As a matter of fact the EEOC just came out with new guidance to make sure employers look at criminal history correctly. Here is a site to get your own background check.
    With the new digital age, there is no reason to leave anything to chance. All your information is out there.



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