3 Must-Know Tips For Anyone Nervous About EdTech – Edudemic

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Dear “Nervous To Try Something New With EdTech”: You know when you spoke with me the other day and told me that that introducing more tech into my class was fine for me because I was ‘into it’ and ‘understood’ it? That you were not going to try a new way of doing things (edtech-wise) …

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

I’ve done edtech training for nervous teachers since the days of the Apple ll and the  Commodore 64. Some things never change.  I think it’s not so much the fear of tech as it is the fear of losing control of a class when the tech fails (as it always will).  

The cure? Perhaps being flexible enough to have multiple fall back positions when the tech crashes and accepting the role of teacher as learner as you learn the ropes along with your students. 

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Every Child Can Win the Memory Game

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As a student, I had great difficulty concentrating during lesson time and consequently didn’t retain much knowledge. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and had the symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

As a classroom teacher I taught Tony Buzan’s memory building methods to my Middle School Students. Not only do they work, more importantly they break down the  ‘I can’t do this”.mindset so common in young teens.  

Memory work is good work. Investigate this!

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Pew Research Report: The Rise of Online Video

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A new report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project finds that online video is growing. 78% of online adults watch or download videos online, up from 69% in 2009, and the share of internet users who upload or post video online has doubled from 14% in 2009 to 31% today. Kristen Purcell, report author, explains these findings and the reasons behind them. 

For the full report, visit www.pewresearch.org

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Tony Bates: Time to retire from online learning?

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Tony Bates: I was 75 yesterday and as I’ve tried to do each birthday for the last 25 years, I spent the day skiing at Whistler. (A wonderful day: sunshine and still tons of snow, and a lot of terrain to cover). How to spend yesterday was an easy decision. The hard one is how to spend the rest of my life (yeah, welcome to the club). In particular, I have decided to stop (nearly) all professional activities from now onwards. I want to go through the reasons for this, because the reasons are as much professional as personal. Also this change has implications for my blog in particular. – See more at: http://www.tonybates.ca/2014/04/15/time-to-retire-from-online-learning/#sthash.DscyKoXi.dpuf

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Tony Bates remains a great mind and a visionary thinking. His teaching has always been part of my universe.  

Congratulations on ‘retiring with style’!

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7 of the Best New Add Ons for Google Docs and Sheets | Google Gooru

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Yesterday the Google Drive team announced one of the biggest updates to Docs and Sheets that we’ve seen in a long time. The new Add-ons feature for Docs and Sheets makes it really easy to bring some advanced functionality, or just some missing features, to your most important Drive files.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Google Drive just keeps getting better.  

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Introduction to Google Tools: Free self paced video course: Udemy

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Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google Tools – Free Course

This course gives an overview of several powerful Google tools that are free to web site owners. It focuses mainly on Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Webmaster Tools helps web site owners track the health of their website. Google Analytics helps web site owners track conversions and visitors.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Use E-Books and Videos to get stared with Google tools. 

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Building a Blended School — THE Journal

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Rich Kiker, the director of online learning at Palisades School District (PA), talks about how he helped build an online learning environment that offers expanded choice for students and plenty of professional development and support for teachers.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Does your classroom have an online component? If so, you’ve dipped a toe in the ocean of blended learning.  Learn more with this article THE journal.

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Technology Integration Matrix

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The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students. The TIM incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments: active, constructive, goal directed (i.e., reflective), authentic, and collaborative (Jonassen, Howland, Moore, & Marra, 2003). The TIM associates five levels of technology integration (i.e., entry, adoption, adaptation, infusion, and transformation) with each of the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments. Together, the five levels of technology integration and the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments create a matrix of 25 cells as illustrated below.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

The infographic style of presentation sit atop a deep set of resources.

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VoiceThread: Tech Tips from UW-Stout

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Creating Collaborative Learning Experiences with VoiceThread
Discover the multiple uses of VoiceThread in flipped and traditional classrooms, and explore how this versatile tool can increase motivation and assess learning.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Help your students speak from the heart.

Here’s a fresh list of VoiceThread resources compiled by Karen Franker, editor of The Tech Tips Newsletter from UW-Stout.

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Larry Ferlazzo: Differentiating Lessons By “Content, Process or Product”

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By Larry Ferlazzo: An award-winning English and Social Studies teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif., Larry Ferlazzo is the author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves: Practical Answers To Classroom ChallengesThe ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide, and Building Parent Engagement In Schools.

Dennis T OConnor‘s insight:

Seeking ways to differentiate instruction in your classroom? Look here for quality outsources on a complex topic. Ferlazzo’s “power-packed line-up” of guest responders speak to the issue. Additionally you’ll find a compilation of Best Resources on the subject.    

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